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Saturday, February 25, 2006

On Recent Conversations

I was reading the paper today and saw an article on Brokeback Mountain. I must say that I am not one who is going to see this movie. I know the plot, I know the idea it promotes, so I know enough to judge whether it is worth seeing. This, however, led to an interesting conversation between three men. The three men were me and a couple of my good friends. The discussion could have been narrowed down to two subjects. The first was about taking your beliefs to the theater and the second was about how people view homosexuality.
I will talk first of taking your beliefs to the theater with you. Let me say that I sometimes fail at this and that I should do better, but let me also say that this term can be applied in different ways. You can take your beliefs to the box office. That means that you should study movies you see. If you need to, then see the movie and critique it. It is our job to do so. So many Christians I have talked to keep talking about the relationship in the mentioned movie as a good love story and a story of regret. But are we not checking our brains at the door if we push that issue too heavily. Let us not forget that this is a sin and that we should desire people to get away from these relations because we love these people.
The next issue is probably going to get me lynched by both sides (You must read this entire article to understand where I am going with this, if not, you will probably misinterpret me). I do believe that homosexuality is a sin, that much is agreed upon. But what I am in disagreement in is the kind of the sin. Sin does condemn us, yes, but we must consider the idea of creation(natural law) and God's commands(The Law of Moses, etc.). Heterosexual sin is a sin due to timing. God created heterosexual relations to take place, so doing this action in and of itself is no problem. However, the timing in God's commands is. So the sin is not against creation and biology, which I think can be considered quite an offence, but is against God's commands. Homosexuality is rebelling against the actual relationship God intended between two parts of a species, and to be against that is quite insane. Proof in this can be found in the fact that biologically homosexuality does not work. But you must believe in God in order to be convicted by this. The thing I am arguing against is that people are saying that they are no different and my response is always yes and no.
Now here is the part that will probably dumbfound people. We are not used to Christians looking at this sin and trying to save this sinner. Some would even say that you need to quit completely before stepping foot into the church. This is VERY unbiblical considering Jesus ministry. Jesus touched the lepper. Now the man was still leprous, we cannot deny that that was a bad thing. Jesus actually command these men and women to go to the temples and observe the law and participate in ceremonial cleansing. The fact that they are sinning should drive us to reach out with more passion. Why are we barring them from the pew on Sunday morning? That is denying your own mission. Jesus reacted to those who were corrupted by offering them redemption. Let us reach out to the sinner. Let us call things as they are and be honest, but let us not deny our mission and what should be driving us to offer the gift of the greatest kind.


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