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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Wow, I've started blogging

OK, this is weird, I'm getting all technological on all y'all people. Do not fear, technology will not corrupt me, for it is not what enters a man, but what proceeds out of his heart. That'll preach. You know what else will preach, is Merry Christmas, not happy holidays. Christmas was made for recognition of Jesus' birth. Happy holidays can be any holiday. So all the progressive radicals that are pushing the for the separation of church and state can be quite.
I'm not done yet with the separation of church and state. Let's think on this. Education is a privilege, and a right that is protected by government, if we are able. This is a land of equal opportunity. However, education should not be controlled by the government. We don't need no thought control (God bless Pink Floyd). If the education system was truely a reflection of the american way, we would do away with governmental control of schools, and would not bar christianity from schooling. For it is separation of church and state, not separation of church and education. Those who state that we should not force ourselves on people and that we should be tolerant should think again. For we are called to evangelize, and we are called to love. Tolerance only says that you are what you are, and I do not care, but Love says I see where you are and I want to reach you where you are to lift you higher. Between Love and Tolerance, I CHOOSE LOVE!