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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Wow, this is a little scary!! Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Fear drives too many to madness and irrational thought

I must face the fears that haunt me. I fear that my actions will be futile. I never truely know the end though. I only assume the end. I must fight that. This is something we all must move from. We assume too much. We assume too much about life, the future, and people. I do not know why. It's always what we fear too. One example is skit night at SWU. We fear losing skit night. We hold onto it like a fat kid with some cake. I fear losing skit night. But let's remember that such fear led to injustice to masses (such as the Holocaust). I don't think we would go that far, but murder is more than a bullet wound to the chest, leaving one ripped open for the world to do even more damage. Words peirce deeper than bullets. I hope the rest of us can see that we may not know what we are doing to such people, or what those people think. We are too narrow minded. I know I am guilty, what about you the reader.

Late Night thoughts

I've been reclining, sort of retreating from a day of boredom. Now I start to wonder what I have done throughout the day, and even throughout my life. I think that it's safe to say that I have succeeded in some aspects of my life. In many others I have failed. I want to focus on what I have done right, but the accidents and disabilities of mine are too much to bear. My nature is to fail, but not to desire failure. This is unexplainable, but it does develope trust inside me. Trust of a greater God. Trust the even though I have bit the dust, I am pulled back to my feet, dusted off, and encouraged to keep running. It's my desire to run the race, to live it out. I want to be so loud in my actions, that its unmistakable. Who has seen me live? If I live for that, I would keep seeing failure. I must keep my focus on living for Christ. I cannot let what other people see affect what God sees in me. It's still hard to live like that in light of my failure. I pray that my failures teach me, and my successes encourage me. I pray. I run. I Live. I live out loud, with no restraints anymore. I must not keep to myself.

well, it's nice to know that their are other weirdos out there besides me Posted by Hello

ok, I was gonna eat her hair but I missed Posted by Hello

ACTS TOO. All beauties and a bald guy Posted by Hello

Raq, Jillian, and ... well ... Emily (you are a weird woman) Posted by Hello

Here's the beautiful SWU group Second Witness. Posted by Hello

Matt Leroy. He's the best speaker I've heard thus far. Posted by Hello

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SWU drama (we would know after living in dorm life) Posted by Hello

WHO IS THAT BEAUTIFUL MAN!?!?!?! Posted by Hello

Christy Peed in the car. Dang, who's got paper towels? Posted by Hello

They decided to take a break and gather for the pic. Yay for snack shop Posted by Hello

What is this? everyone workin in the snack shop at table rock. (ok, I wasn't workin, I was just chillin and apparently advertising Dr. Pepper.) Posted by Hello

Here's the IWU crew. They seemed like a nice crew. Posted by Hello

Believe it or not, these kids are counting to 100. Still not giving me much confidence in the public school system. Posted by Hello

Good ole Charlie. Posted by Hello

More insanity from SWU chicks and their campers. Posted by Hello

Wow, baby got da good book. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Is Love explainable

You know, I could sit her all day and explain to you the infatuation of men and women. I could sit and think about lust and describe it to you. One thing I can't grasp is the idea of romantic love. Now we must remember that there is a clear line between the two, but the two can exist together The idea that a man can just helplessly fall for a woman is insane to me. It seems to defy all sense of modern reason to believe in emotions and such a commitment to one person. You cannot measure but scales and measuring sticks. Can I even help but fall for someone? I think not. Love has to be something that grabs a hold of me and turns my head in different directions. I can try to fight it and may win, but I'm still scarred by love. Such a thing rinders men helpless. Without the object of a man's love, he is helpless. He feels weakened by the kryptonite of his heart. Oh to feel permantly drawn to a lady's side and to never be able to leave, nore want to leave, that is one of the blessings of God left to us men to treasure and to use in wisdom.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Close to being legal.

Yay, I'm just about 21. You know what that means. THE PARTY ANIMAL IS COMIN OUT JUNE 5TH. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaw.

Women are the gold in a man's life

Well, many moons have past since my last blog. I finally found something I could ponder deeply. I really question a few men and how they treat women. I've heard that one man confronted a lady and said, "You're too pretty to be that bitchy." If you wanna piss me off, that's one way to do it. The same guy treats his girlfriend like dirt. He thinks he is God's gift to all women, and to all people in the world as well. Why do some act like this. Such an ego has no place in the ministry. I deeply question such a man's place in Christianity as well, since he has portrayed blatant selfish motives for having faith and having romance.
Another thing is to even touch a women. Now matter how much they have pissed you off, it is not right to hit anyone, much more so with a women. If we have such problems, why do even try to exist in a society and call ourselves a loving community. This is not love, it is selfish control. We men were not called to control our women, but to love, serve, and protect.
This is obviously a problem in the Wesleyan church and other denominations too. We hire too quickly. We have forgotten to observe, and truely observe at that. It is too shameful to hire such men that have a tainted reputation. We must challenge each other. What happened to us? We sit and accept people as they want to be. This is not Christian. We are called to repent, to turn away, from our evil ways. Let us confront each other. Show no pride in appeasing the evil demands of this world which are prevalent in the church. Show pride in Christ and his teaching in the Gospels. Looking at how Christ took up for the well being of both genders proves that we should serve everyone and forget ourselves at the times it is neccessary to do so. To the men who have hit their women, who have jacked them up against the wall out of frustration, our have started yelling at them demanding that they answer the questions or do what you have demanded, you are immature in the truest since. You have succumbed to the desires of you flesh and not the spirit of God. Turn, for the Lord will return, and like the pharisees in Jesus' time, you will miss eveything and not even realize it.