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Monday, September 12, 2005

Hard times.

Folks, it's been awhile. I've been super busy. Sorry, I know you've missed me. Or have you? I am back regardless. I hope that everyone has been striving for the Lord since I've been gone. Much has happened. Katrina is the big talk now. Many christians are yelling end times when they truely do not know, for the Lord comes like a theif in the night. Some of these people may not even be doing anything about it. Until you do anything, I think you should think twice about making a claim. Some say it is just judgement. Even so, who are we to state with confidence this. If we are right, then we are only half right. The other half would be that God judges in order to lift, for God seeks intimacy. If he did judge these poor people, then he wants the church to embrace them like hurt children. Even if you do make such statements of God's wrath, see to it that you mention with discretion. Say the right things at the right times. What good is truth if it is not used to edify others?
I have seen it posted that this event is like 9-11-01. I find this very true. Much suffering, yet many uniting to see that people find hope. This is such a Christian truth. We are here to bring hope to the hurting world. It seems pointless since the world loves us less and less everyday. Yet we love people, for God wants them and desires them. Instead of SPEAKING of God's wrath, ACT from the Love God has poured into you and keeps pouring into you.