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Friday, January 13, 2006

What the Church should bring.

I know I speak for everyone when I say THE CHURCH HAS RECENTLY FAILED IN IT'S MISSION!!! I hate this fact. I speak for everyone because I am as much at fault as they are. It is so hard on a Christian campus to find someone willing to listen to what they have heard over and over again. Even more troubling is that every other Religion major has suffered this same fate. What a crisis. This is not what our God had in mind. We seem to be trying to dive deeper in the services and staying in our fellowship halls. Our only contacts are inside the body of Christ. What do not seem to realize is that this sort of self centered ideology that the Church has taken will cause it to implode. Such an event would mutilate and disgrace us Christians. I say be caught building relationships with those people your parents told you to stay away from. Such grace on your part will plant a hopeful seed which may grow before your very eyes or be watered for later blossom.
To those who have suffered enough from the Churches shortcomings, I am deeply sorry and it ails me to see you go through rejection. Is not the freedom Christ gave the freedom to love Him? Is it not by our power, but by the God's that we are able to accept Him? Is not the works we do to earn our salvation useless? I figure that you agree. If you do, then keep running. I love to hear when a lost sheep is being carried back to the pasture. The rejoicing of the angels reverberates through heaven and hell and declares that you have been freed, freed for the living of a holy life. Never forget that. For if you become a Christian in America, you will be tempted to follow the same selfish path that the Church of today has taken.