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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Tsunami and Franklin Graham

The Tsunami tolls kept rising and rising this week. My heart breaks for the people of the area. It seems as if many people want to say that this is the one warning that states the end times are near. But who are we to say that this is THE sign. The end has been hinted at for thousands of years. The end times are closer today that yesterday, so why are we infatuated with the issue. People, all we need to know is to be ready and to make others ready.
Franklin Graham has to be the greatest representative to the faith I have ever heard. I am actually glad that it was not Jerry Falwell. Franklin Graham seems more knowledgeable and reasonable when discussing current issues against the scriptures. Oh, and by the way, if any of you know me, you know I am pretty conservative, but Hannity off of Hannity and Colmes is a horrible debater. He has no reason, he degrades those who disagree him. Why did the Conservatives get all the stupid debators and the smart debaters.
And let's not forget kids, I'm a christian. Read my earlier posts. :)