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Sunday, September 24, 2006

dang fireants


So I have not posted since late July. I know that it is a shame, but I have just been terribly busy. I am taking some time on the last four blogs I was going to write, so I hope you are not dissapointed. I'll probably rewrite some of the ones I did. I just wanted to take the time to reiterate a point I make to women these days.
One thing I hate is when a woman either begs for to be called pretty or does not consider herself pretty. I have definitely heard this stated many times, and it definitely breaks my heart, especially when it is someone I could see myself dating. It just hurts to have someone whom God gifted with so much beauty reject any compliment of beauty. They sometimes find it hard to believe that someone finds them attractive. I know they may have bad experiences, and I try to understand that. But some of us guys are quite critical about the women we find worth this kind of romantic attention and we try to fight for their love. When we say that we think you would be a great woman to date, we mean it. I cannot forget though that some guy are idiots. I have been one in the past. I have chased girls that were not worth my time and have denied girls that were far beyond me, and deserved much better than me.
All that I am wanting to say is that there are guys out there that find you beautiful, not for your body, but for you. They are willing to take the baggage of good and bad. They see your imperfections and say that they did not want someone that was perfect, but someone that was perfectly made for them. Some of us may not be ready to date ladies, but we are not all blind to what you truly are. We are the ones who have finally figured out that you are not trophies to be won and placed on shelves of lonliness, but to be partners in our battles and to live intimately as we fight for each other.