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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Golden Compass

Alright guys, I'm about to rant about something so hold onto your hats. I'm about to talk about the movie the Golden Compass. As you know, I tend to be in the middle, so if you are on one side or the other, get ready to disagree somewhere.

There has been much said about the author Philip Pullman and his Dark Materials series. Quite honestly, I am disgusted at the conservative Christian side for trying to violently defend there theology by attacking something that is pure imagination and completely missing the point of the book. I went on a few websites: one was Plugged In's website (plugged in is unfairly biased) and the other was a news website.

Plugged In painted a picture by focusing on Pullman's agnosticism and atheism. I do not deny this. Of course, if someone does not know if God exists, it would make sense that he would think that God does not exist, but we'll save that for another entry. I want these people to understand literary facts. The fact is that this whole story is FICTION!!! In the world of fiction the rules of reality do not apply. A witch is not a witch that we think of; a troll is not a troll. Laws of what is right and wrong change. What does not change is the ideas of good and evil. Things that are truly good and evil are separate from what the law might say is right and wrong, although the law can express what is good at the core. Good is deeper than the law. Just read Romans and you will come to the same conclusion. Why do you think that God desires mercy over sacrifices. Instead of just following the rules of worship and religion and theology, seek those who need mercy and give it to them.

The news painted a different picture. In a counter-interview, Pullman expressed his true opinion which would make most say, "Oh, I guess that makes sense." I am not going to go into detail on the interview. I think that those who are disagreeing with me at this point should read to at least understand where he is coming from. Why not ask questions too? Why is he an agnostic and an atheist? Why did he right this story? What is the TRUE point of the book? Why did the Catholics put out negative reports about Pullman and his book? Why are we so quick to accept what is said by other Christians when they could be wrong in their assumption? Have you asked these questions yet? Maybe you should. Instead of focusing on just right and wrong, let's focus on what right and wrong were meant to do in this world.

As far as Pullman's religious beliefs, I think they are wrong. His attacks on institutionalized religion are, however, very solid in history. Maybe we should accept the criticism of a non-believer. You might be surprised where revelation can come from. I also have to ask if his agnosticism is a direct result of experiencing Christianity. Maybe instead him experiencing Christianity, he needs to experience God and His true kingdom. Christianity can fail, and miserably so. Maybe what he needs is a community to minister to him and his needs. Make sure he is loved, clothed, fed, and befriended. Maybe the reason is that in experiencing Christianity, he has not experienced such grace.

In a nutshell, I say think, ask, understand, be fair, and be merciful. Do not be so quick to assume, or at least go see the movie before you publicly state your assumptions. Christians think, and understand that sometimes the most prophetic statements sometimes come from those who strongly disagree and run from Christianity.

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