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Monday, August 22, 2005

What the Crap

Don't comment unless it pertains to my blog. If you're a telemarketer, then please, take your business elsewhere. I am not here to buy things but to give my insight on the truth.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

3rd post

I just want to dedicate this post to God's faithfulness. I have been dirt to God, as we all have. He still has been faithful. Some may know of my situation with an RA position, and, if you know of it, you know that I have recently been sulking about it. However, recent things have come into play that will get me even more involved than an RA could. I can't believe I have been complaining. Even if things had not come into play, who am I to complain about something here on earth? Such things are a waste if they do not last for eternity. Why have I not been seeking to expand my charity? (by charity I mean the oldschool definition, love) My goodness, what great things the Lord shows to you. I have been a fool to worry, some of my family has been too. Why was I not seeking the justice for those who needed besides myself? Is it not the greatest gift to give your life away for those who are in dire need of such actions? Such things make me dissapointed at myself. I am a sinner. I admit it before everyone. I cannot hide it, so I must show everyone what kind of sinner I am. We should all do that. Open up your dark corners, for when we stand before God, the dark corners will be lighted to reveal the shame. Let us handle the shame now so that we can grow. I just praise you Jesus, for this great revealing. You open my eyes more and more.

What about Great Ideas?

I was talking with someone today who said that great ideas come to you in immediacy and in the same way spread like wild fire. It made me questiong if it really does happen that way. I mean the immediacy of the idea itself makes sense. However, a thing of mystery may be the wildfire idea. I said that most of them take time, because I thing that immediacy means instability. Such a weird topic for me because I've never thought of it enough to discuss it. Quite confusing, for such great ideas have spread quickly and may still be in acceptance. The same is most likely true for those which take time. The same with bad ideas. Maybe all ideas take time. One things is definitely true, we never truely can claim the great ideas, depending of course on your definition of great ideas, for we may not share the same definition, we have, we can only give it to God. For God reveals the truth to us and hence our DISCOVERY of things. Everything goes back to God. The debate on good ideas and bad ideas may end up in debate at times, but praise God that the good ones will win in the end.

The idea of what is natural

I was reading Deitrich Bonhoeffer the other and his reasoning on what is natural and what is not hit me with massive force. He states, stating what seems quite insane, that acting natural is acting according to the Law. Some may say that I am stupid to believe this, but the reasoning behind this is full of truth. Consider and apple. It is subject to the Law of Gravity. God made it subject to such a law. Would it be considered natural for an apple to all of a sudden go against this law. Of course not. The same with us. When we were created, we were in a our natural state of being. We had the image of God full and complete in us. The Law Came naturally. However, Satan, being a former heavenly being, knew of this and set out to destroy us. When he succeeded our nature was tainted and a new and unnatural state of being was state of being was placed in us. That is like the apple being forced upward when it naturally wants to go down. It is then quite sensible to think that we should naturally act right. Maybe this can give us hope for us humans. We no longer have to think in terms of fighting to be good. It can be thought of as fighting against that which is an outside force keeping us from being closer toGod. Quite intriguing, don't you think?

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

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