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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bringing Hope

Isn't this an odd post. I guess I am on another rant. This one may throw some people into a whole realm of disagreement with me, but I don't care. I'm going to talk about being in outreach. I am going to use two groups, ONE and (RED). ONE is an organization that is for ending world poverty and disease. There products that you can buy that are not consider a donation or tax-deduction. They mainly want you to sign their petition. (RED) is more business oriented, but with a good idea backing it. I love this idea. Taking business and making it something that serves community. What is an occupation but fulfilling a need? So where are Christians in this? I don't think I hear about things like this enough. We should be aware of these problems for one thing. AIDS is a problem, and we should see it as our call to heal and and bring hope. It is not a time to condemn. Poverty is an issue. People are poor, and money is what a man needs to eat and exist here on earth. If we truly believe in purpose, than why do we not treat people as if they have a purpose. This includes trying to save their lives along with teaching them how to better live it.

I know, these may not be Christian organizations. And I will defend myself by using conservative Republican Christian American as a foundation for my defense. I first will say that the Republican party is not the Messiah. It may even be a catalyst for the Anti-Christ, but those two things are true of the Democratic Party as well as other parties not mentioned. But when one is right and will serve for the betterment of the world, we vote for them. We want to see a country experience the goodwill God would like to have for humanity. So with that, we use other groups to fulfill our purpose, which is to fulfill the needs of the hurting and helpless.

I think of Jesus as he healed paralytics, demon-possessed men, helped his disciples pay taxes, eat with tax collectors and sinners, and, more important that ANY of these, died so that we could say, "I am forgiven." What an expression of love. Let's use this opportunity to reach people for Christ. It is a means to greatest end, and the means matches the end. So give to these groups or others as you are led by Christ, and not as led by your what you think is financially sound. Give like the widow. Give sacrificially, and know that in the end, Christ is more proud of your small contribution, than of the massive amounts of money the barely dent the wallots of the rich.

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